June 25, 2013

That baby orangutan is silly

Como Zoo is a "free" (they ask for donations) zoo in Saint Paul and in my opinion is a million times better than the MN Zoo. Granted the variety of animals is smaller but you can actually see them unlike at the MN Zoo.

We went with Nana and Papa back in April and Taye loved the orangutans, especially the baby one, "he had box on his head. Mama that baby orangutan is berry silly" in the words of Mateo Falbo. BTW, if you ask him who he is he says "I Mateo Falbo" its adorable but I digress.

Ever since that baby orangutan episode he has literally been begging to go back. Like, hands folded while saying "peas mama...I go see baby orangutan?"

So after the incredibly long MN winter we had, Mother Nature thought what the hell and gave us an incredibly dreary and wet spring. The weekend we went with Nana/Papa was only a tease of nice weather because Mother Nature is cranky like that.

So last week or the week before (I can't remember a darn thing these days) we went back to Como Zoo and just our luck they also had a new gorilla exhibit open. Taye was in love with all the animals and this time we got to see the orangutans outside! We also got to watch that silly baby poop!!! If you ask Taye about the zoo - that is the first thing out of his mouth - "we saw baby orangutan poop...that baby silly"


Amy said...

Can't wait to take him to the MKE Zoo!

Shan said...

He seems like exactly the kind of friend Fynnie likes to hang out with. :D