August 25, 2013

The Great Minnesota Get-Together take 10

August 1 marked 10 years that I've lived in Minnesota and I have never (and don't plan to in the future) missed the state fair. This year Nana, Papa, Auntie Amy and Baby Cash came up for the weekend to join us for the festivities. They boys (Mateo and Cash) were such troopers and were so incredibly good the whole time.

Here is some of the fun we had...oh and don't worry the food of the fair will be a separate post!

At the start

 Papa and his boys

Uh oh, Taye's drivin' out

Taye saw the minion and had to have his picture

 Taye's first roller coaster (the kiddie version)

 Princess Kay of the Milky Way 2013. Every year
the winner gets carved in butter - don't ask I don't
know...just google it
Trash Sculpture. A sculpture is built every year from the
garbage collected from the Mississippi. 

And I leave you with a video of Nana, Amy, Joe and Mateo going down the big slide. Nana in the middle, Amy to the right, Joe and Taye to the left behind them.

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sal said...

how much fun did we have!!!!!! can't wait til next year !!!! love ya, nana and papa