June 23, 2013

Traveling solo

In March we were in a jam with childcare due to some heath scares with our provider's parents. My first thought was to call Auntie Amy and see if she'd be up for watching Mateo (along with Cash-man) if mom and dad would take Mateo for that week. Of course she said yes and called mom and dad before I had a chance :)

Mom and dad met us in Black River Falls and Mateo could've cared less that he wasn't going to see us for a week. Throughout the week we called and Skyped and all he kept saying was "I at Nani/Papi's house. I go play now. Bye" and off he'd go. Of course if I was him, I'd have the same reaction. Here's some of the fun he had:

They're 18 months apart....

Craft time with Auntie Amy


Papa and the boys

Papa made a tent for Mateo for naptime since Cash needed the crib.
However, once Cash was awake he had to wake up his buddy too

Poor Cash - he had yogurt while Taye had ice cream


Making him earn his keep

Papa is a firefighter and had to show Taye how cool it is

Must be rough to be taken to the toy store...

And then get to test the toys up and down the aisles...

And then have Papa buy you Optimus Prime

Being goofy

Yep it was March and snowy


Amy said...

Oh we had such a great time! Can't wait to do it again! :)

sal said...

had a SUPER time ~~~~ boy, we sure did have fun!!!!!! loves, nana & papa (as mateo says "nani & poppi"